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Dancing Cactus Toy with recording
Dancing Cactus Toy with recording
Dancing Cactus Toy with recording
Dancing Cactus Toy with recording
Dancing Cactus Toy with recording
Dancing Cactus Toy with recording

Dancing Cactus Toy with recording

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Your Child Will Surely Be Amazed And Enjoy This Toy!

You must have seen those parrots that repeat every word you say, well consider this the electronic version of that! This plush toy is one of its kind and truly worth every penny you spend on it! It is a cute plush toy in the shape of a cactus, which records whatever sounds it hears and plays it back to you in a quirky way by dancing and flashing lights!

 Features :

  • Unique Design : This cactus toy is designed with a cute cactus shape, and the creative design looks great, stimulates children's imagination and stimulates creativity. The dance machine guides children through a beautiful and interesting Childhood.

  • Safe Material : The plush cactus toy is made of soft material, which is comfortable, safe and non-toxic. Plush is absolutely safe for children. Fun and cute cactus plush toys that dance, sing, move and give children a Happy Time.

  • 360 Degree Grooving : Rotate 360 degrees whilst performing all sorts of funky moves, combine this with his waving arms and you’ve got a blockbuster dance floor in the comfort of your own home!

  • Repeats What you Say : The dancing cactus mimic you and repeat what you say. Talking, recording, repeating, and speaking features of the dancing cactus toy will make you laugh every time. 

Benefits :

  • Singing and Dancing : Cactus shaped plush toys can dance, sing, move, turn around. The toy will dance songs bringing the child a happy time in a Life.

  • Ideal Gift : The best birthday gift for kids. Cheerful music and dancing are very suitable for creating a pleasant atmosphere and suitable for parties. Dancing Cactus is always a hit for whoever you gift it to, plus it’s completely unique! If you have a newborn or toddler, this will instantly become their favorite toy, keeping them entertained for hours on end (meaning more peace and quiet for you!) .

  • Improve Babies Speaking Abilities : This childhood education cactus toy has the suitable size for kids to play with, emits a high quality songs, and it can attract and engage your kid’s attention.

  • Your Child's Best Friend Day and Night: This expressive cactus likes to play during the day, and in night mode, it makes a deep sleep sound and plays soft music.

How to Use :

Step 1 :  Insert a AA batteries

Step 2 : Press the on button, then sit back, relax and enjoy the singing and dancing!

Top Reviews :

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. How to operate my cactus  How can it sing and dance, Talk to me, record my words?

A: Here are two buttons on the flowerpot, one button is for music, the other button it can repeat you say.

2. How do you delete recordings on it?

A: It doesn't save. Just repeats back. Cannot delete music

3. Cactus doesn’t sing in english or spanish ! I don’t know what language it is ! can it be changed?

A: No sorry language cant be changed.

4. Can cactus toys glow?

A: This toy can emit light. With the sound of music, it will not only twist the body but also emit light. It is so cute for children.

5. What is the Return Policy?

A: We accept hassle free 7 days return policy. You can WhatsApp us on the  button on your right bottom of the screen.

6. Is Cash on Delivery Available?

A: Yes, Cash on Delivery is always available.

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